Hiring a Foreign Worker


Are you hiring a temporary foreign worker? INSIDE Immigration can do all immigration procedures to help you hire your foreign worker.  Call us at + 1  438-771-4795 or write to us at info@insideimmigration.ca and it will be a pleasure to meet you to discuss your hiring.

Analysis of your needs

Before starting this process, we make sure that your company is eligible to recruit internationally and for that, we verify the following:

  • Your information, needs and expectations;
  • Category of job(s) to be filled and conditions of employment
  • Recruitment procedures carried out beforehand in Quebec (because you will have to prove that you have not found any temporary worker in Canada, permanent resident or Canadian citizen who meets your requirements to justify the recruitment of a foreign worker).
  • The need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for your international recruitment project
  • Coordination of the process: we will draw up a work schedule with you according to the key stages of your project. Allow a minimum of 6 to 8 months for the process, depending on the workers’ country of origin.

Immigration Process

From work permits for workers, open work permits for spouse(s) or/and study permit for children: our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will take care of all the immigration procedures, from A to Z.

Reception and Integration

Your worker obtained a work permit? Congratulations! We will provide a multitude of relocation services to facilitate the integration of your employee including:

  • Search for temporary housing
  • Search for permanent housing
  • Search for schools and/or daycares
  • Neighbourhood visits
  • Videoconferencing to prepare for arrival (customs, visa, insurance, international moving, administrative procedures, etc.)
  • INSIDE integration guide
  • Airport pick-up
  • Integration day with an INSIDE advisor (SIN, bank account opening, transportation card, driver’s license if applicable, RAMQ or health insurance, other procedures upon request).
  • Installation follow-up

Renewal of work permits and assistance towards permanent residency

Generally, temporary work permits are issued for a period of 1 to 3 years depending on the job category. If your worker wants to stay in Canada, we can accompany him or her to:

  • Renewal of a temporary work permit, or
  • Permanent residency procedures

What our team can do for you

Labour Market Impact Assessment – LMIA

Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

Main Applicant’s Work Permit

Work Permit for the spouse/partner

Study Permit (for children)

Visitor Card

Advices / Immigration Consultation

Finally, we can help your workers with all administrative procedures and facilities regarding relocation (see our detailed services here):

Permanent Housing Search

Temporary Housing Search

Kindergarden/ School Search

Pre-departure Consultation (customs, visa, insurance, international move, administrative procedures, etc.)

Airport Welcome

Guidance for administrative procedures: Social Insurance Number (SIN) , Healthcare System, Bank, Driving License, etc.)

Installation Followup et so on!

There you go!

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