In 2018, there were no fewer than 572,415 international students, in all levels of education in Canada. 96% of international students recommend Canada as a study destination. The top three reasons international students choose Canada are:

1 – The quality of the education system in Canada

2 – Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society

3 – Canada’s reputation as a safe country

Besides, Canada being a bilingual country, you will have the opportunity to improve your abilities in both English and French throughout your studies.

However, there are certain requirements you must meet!

  • You must be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • You must provide proof that you can afford to pay for the following:
    • your tuition fees
    • living expenses for you and your family members accompanying you in Canada
    • return transportation costs for you and your family members who accompanied you to Canada
  • You are law-abiding, have no criminal record and obtain a police certificate (if we ask you to)
  • You are in good health and are undergoing a medical examination (if we ask you to)
  • You can convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires

Non-designated learning institutions are not eligible

Step 1- Obtain an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution;

Step 2- Obtain authorization to study in the province (if applicable, for Quebec, you must apply for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ))

Step 3- Apply for a study permit

Step 4- Make your biometric data

Step 5- Obtain your study permit

  • Government fees of CAD 114 for the CAQ (if applicable) and/or CAD 150 for the study permit.
  • CAD 85 per person for the biometric fee (fingerprints and valid photograph for 10 years) or CAD 170 for families of two or more persons.
  • Medical examination fees if applicable (varies by country)
  • Miscellaneous costs (translation if applicable, postage, language tests if applicable, additional documents, etc.).
  • Our service fees
  • Possibility to work during and after your studies
  • Possibility to study in French or English
  • Recognition of certificates at the international level
  • Possibility to apply for a Permanent Resident depending on the chosen programme.
  • You can get a personalized package with our agency, we can assist you throughout the whole process: search for eligible programs for permanent residency, submission of applications for admission, visa application, administrative procedures and airport pickup!
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