Elodie Calvi

  • We really needed INSIDE Immigration to guide us because it also comes down to a lot of administrative procedures, locating, finding accommodation. For that, we really needed to be supervised and supported.


  • With immigration it’s such a vast subject, there are so many different things, I have no idea how to do it, but I kept asking Leslie questions all the time and she has been really helpful. I learned a lot about it. So don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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  • I saw the way Leslie interacted with other people who wanted to apply for citizenship and it was really professional, she was very diligent and she took the time to walk them through step by step what was really going to happen.

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  • To know that people are there to make sure that you think about everything or that we help you to do things correctly and in the right order and to be sure not to forget anything, it is a mindful comfort that is immeasurable.


  • Whatever we might think we know, it’s important to be accompanied, especially when you go to a country you don’t know. When my employers gave me your contact, I think Vicky was the first to contact me, within an hour!

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